Veronica Holmes

I remember the day, what I was doing, the time, the feeling, when I got that call.  That call that informed me that my mother was no longer alive, rocked my world! I had known it was going to happen soon since she was in hospice care.  Yet it was still so painful to experience!  So, I began the very uncomfortable grief journey toward placing my mother in a comfortable place in my heart where I can access her whenever I need to based on my experiences with her and memories. The journey wasn’t easy nor pretty.  Yet, I eventually ended up with a renewed life motivated by who she was to me.  I still miss her – a lot, but I'm a better person for having her be my mother.

I found an inadequate amount of support for adults grieving the loss of a parent.   After I became licensed as a therapist, I completed several grief training courses.  Recognizing that grief is meant to be a type of bridge and not a destination, I’ve assisted others in moving through the grief process.  I’m excited to have created a program where I can assist adults grieving the loss of a parent to share their story, acknowledge the relationship, and address their feelings.  After they are heard, they can begin creating a renewed life.

I’m Veronica Holmes and I want to support you on your journey on this bridge from grief to healing and toward a renewed life.  You have the opportunity to share in this journey with an experienced and supportive coach who will provide validation for your feelings and exercises during this bi-weekly 6 session program.  If you’re ready to move forward with your life after the loss of your parent, even if it's been several years, please find me at and download my video on 3 Healthy Ways of Grieving.  Book a call with me so we can briefly discuss how my program can assist you in moving through the grieving process after losing your parent.