Tracy Grant

Hi, I'm Tracy Grant. I’m the Therapist and Relationship Expert that gives disconnected couples the match to ignite the SPARK in their relationship again!

I hear so many people ask "Why won't my partner just listen to me? Can't they see that I do SO much? Would it kill them to help out and give me a break? We used to have so much passion for each other, now they just ignore me. Why isn't my partner more enthusiastic in the bedroom? I often feel rejected and alone. I try to show love but I rarely see equal effort from them."

Where did the excitement, the flirty banter, and romance go? How did it get replaced with resentment, anger, and disappointment? Partners soon begin to wonder if the other even CARES anymore. They may even start to avoid each other or fantasize about a different life. In my experience, this is all too common....but luckily, it doesn't have to stay that way!

I empower regular, everyday couples with the tools they need to become the perfect team, fun-loving friends, and passionate lovers who truly feel connected in every way!
I am happily married with four kids and my husband and I enjoy the benefits of using these skills in our own marriage everyday! We have a blended family and deal with a lot of complex dynamics. With so many responsibilities, there have been times where we have felt disconnected and pulled in different directions. Luckily, whenever this happens, we know how to get back on track! It is SO rewarding to share my highly-effective, easy-to-use tools and watch couples transform their relationships into happy ones as well!

As a Licensed Therapist and Certified Clini-Coach, I bring years of experience working with couples and families to you personally in my coaching packages. My unique programs offer the simple, straight-forward solutions that couples NEED in order to overcome the obstacles that block them from the love they want and YES, these tools REALLY WORK!

I've helped countless couples create the deeply satisfying relationship they've always desired and I CAN HELP YOU TOO!

Book a FREE CALL with me now to learn more about reconnecting with your partner. Can’t wait to talk!