TJ Matton

I help people, who are already working their butt off, learn how to have more joy and ease. Today. Without working any harder.

What happens when you become an adult and the chores are never done? When is play time? The grind feels relentless. How do you stop the wheel of time and learn to enjoy life again?

We are built to play yet life pushes away pleasure, joy, expression, and relaxation. We learn to hold joy at a distance and get locked into patterns of survival and protection. I help you identify play personality and strengths so that your playful spirit comes naturally back into your life. These strengths become a lens on life and allow us to address patterns and reengage in meaningful, fulfilling, and liberated living.

Hi, I'm TJ and I help adults reconnect with their playful self and find joy in the everyday wear and tear of life. I am a social worker, psychotherapist, and certified Clini-Coach® who has dedicated my life to helping people who are missing something but don’t know what.

They say if life throws you lemons, make lemonade. But, they didn’t teach you how to slow down and drink it. Let me teach you not only how to make the lemonade, but to actually enjoy it.

Stop by The Playful Revolution on Instagram and send me a DM. Let’s schedule a one-on-one so we can build you a personalized play plan and you can learn more about my 8-week deep dive called Play Your Way.

Until we meet again.