Tiffany Turner

Are you a high performance athlete who loves to win but lately you feel like you’re losing the game. You’re so in your head that you’ve started to doubt yourself. You see the sacrifice and cost that your goal is costing you and those around you and feel trapped. You have experienced an injury or setback that derailed your goals and you feel lost because there is nowhere to direct that drive and ambition. Here’s the thing, you know that it takes more than a shiny medal or hefty check to motivate the world's best athletes. When it comes to performance, having mental strength is just as important for athletes as physical fitness. That’s where I come in!
Hi, I’m Tiffany, and I’m the Inner Game Clini-Coach®. I help athletes just like you stop getting sidelined by fear and get back in the game. After several athletic detours including injuries that left me questioning what was next, I’ve developed a whole person centered approach that focused on high performance athletes as people not just performers. Together we’ll sprint towards the mental fortitude needed to perform on and off the field on a guaranteed pathway to success.
If you're ready to show up for yourself, challenge yourself and work through barriers keeping you from performing at your highest level click here to get started with coaching and find out what you are truly capable of accomplishing. To learn more about how I help high performance athletes like you every day, head over to my website right now at and schedule your free consultation.