Terri Sears

Are you a passionate, committed high school ATHLETE who dreams of competing in college?

Then you’re in the right place!

I know you’ve put in countless hours perfecting your skills, but the truth isthere is no such thing as perfectionHow you handle these imperfections can make the difference between success or failure. 

Now…don’t get me wrong, “failure” is not a four-letter word.

You need to embrace the failure and let it fuel you forward.

However, I can almost hear the self-doubt creeping in…”What if I make a mistake or choke????”

Or maybe the challenges of restricted competition due to the pandemic have taken you out of your comfort zone.

And the spillover effects of managing your academic, social and family lives might be taking a toll on your emotional well-being.

Your head might be spinning with doubt or negative self-talk.

But you’re trying to stay focused on successfully transitioning to college-level play!

It doesn’t matter how physically or mentally strong you are…as a college-bound athlete, you deserve a Coach who can help you navigate all of these details so you can thrive in your sport!


Hello, I’m Terri Sears and I am a Sports Mental Skills Clini-Coach®.  I help athletes just like you master their mindset and reach peak performance.

I will teach you how to be resilient and harness grit to bounce back after mistakes and inconsistent performance.  Together we’ll create a personal profile and identify your specific mindset and performance goals so that you can fulfill your potential, make an impact on your team, your sport and create life-long memories that you will never forget!

Why am I the college-bound go-to expert?  Because I was a college basketball player who BURNED OUT and stopped the sport I loved after only two years!

Oh, how I could have gained from a sports mental skills coaching!  Since then, I’ve stayed committed to a sport or exercise regimen and I push my body to work hard!  Now I use my experience and extended graduate school training in sports psychology to guide you in fulfilling your life dream and competing in college.

If you’re still reading this, you’re ready.  Elite athletes know the mental game is the edge.  And you know it’s now time to train your mind the way you train your body.  To learn more, check out my website at www.terrisearstherapy.com and get instant access to my free guide right here.