Taylor Damiani


When they first come in, my clients are anxious and burned out from helping, fixing, caretaking, and peacekeeping. They’re acutely perceptive of others’ needs, but struggle to put themselves first. They usually feel overly responsible for others' feelings and needs, trying to control what is outside their control. They have abandoned themselves and grapple with the feeling that their only worth is in caretaking for others.

They are exhausted from constantly walking on eggshells with others, worrying about what they say and do. They are paralyzed by self-criticism, perfectionism, and people-pleasing as they try to prove their self-worth and earn others’ love and approval.

They feel they’ve lost themselves. All these years of self-sacrifice and making themselves small for others has left them wondering, “Who am I if I'm not taking care of everyone else?”

I'm Taylor, psychologist turned Clini-Coach® and I've walked this path myself. I help adult children of narcissistic parents stop walking on eggshells and step into their power and purpose.

You deserve to know that you are “enough” just as you are. Your worth is not predicated on caretaking for others. Reclaiming yourself and discovering who you truly are is not out of your reach.

If you want to stop feeling small and not feel terrified to be your authentic self, I’d love to help you get there!