Shelley Martinez

Are you ready to feel great about your relationship with food and learn to love your body without dieting?

Do you want other options besides emotional or binge eating when stressed or bored?
Do you want off the diet/binge rollercoaster?

If any of these are a "Yes!" for you, read on. I understand how hard it can be to face these issues when you feel like everyone else seems to have it "together" You hide your suffering, pretending that you're just FINE. You might act like nothing is bothering you, but inside or when you’re alone, it’s a different story…

These problems were NEVER YOUR FAULT. I know that probably isn't what you believe right now, but I know some things you don't know yet. I know how diets have set you up to fail and have been the actual cause of many of your food problems. Are you ready for a change?

My story is familiar. I tried many diets and blamed myself for every failure. I felt worse about my body and more out of control, sometimes even crazy, with food as time passed. Eventually, I wasn't willing to keep feeling bad about food or my body. I got off the diet/binge rollercoaster. I no longer feel guilt, shame, out of control, or crazy around food. I also learned to love my body, no matter what. I work in this niche because of my experience and the experiences of many other people I have known. What motivates me is seeing their pain transform into freedom, personal power, and self-love.

Re-learning the language of your body builds trust and confidence in yourself that you may not have known possible. It will inform every other area of your life, not just with food and your body. How you nourish and feel about your body may be the most profound level of relating to yourself.

Peace and sanity with food.

Changing how you think and feel about yourself will forever change how you see yourself in the mirror.

This is what I offer to my clients.

I'd love to help you transform your relationship with food and your body. Contact me today for a FREE discovery call to find out more!