Sevil Gonen

Hi! I’m Sevil Gonen. I’m a therapist, a group practice owner, TheraMama Coach™, a certified Clini-Coach®, and a mom. Motherhood threw me a big curve ball, as our son burst his way into this world extremely early. After painful and anxiety-riddled months with our son in the NICU, we finally brought him home. Then, the REAL adventure began! As I found myself quickly adapting to motherhood and business ownership. Juggling became real with numerous doctor's appointments, specialists and early intervention therapy. My schedule became about him vs my clients or my group practice. As someone who has always been organized and meticulous, I hit the PAUSE button!

Hold up! It's time to look for the reset button. Restructuring my days, delegating tasks and coming up with specific systems to free up time helped me create the schedule I needed to care for our son during the early months at home from the NICU.

This private and isolating experience led me down a path of searching for not only my own support but also whole-hearted conversations with other mothers who had similar or the same struggles with motherhood and business ownership. Here is where the idea for TheraMama™ was born. Therapist moms who want and know that balance can be achieved in motherhood, while they build the private practice of their dreams.

If you’re a TheraMama needing more support in private practice and motherhood or want to learn more about the 12 week TheraMama Academy! Let’s chat!