Sarah Quinn

I’m Sarah Quinn and I help overwhelmed parents of challenging kids break through the HARD and into the harmony of family life.

I’m here to help you feel more confident and effective in your parenting and in your partnership. With information and strategies best suited to your kid’s needs and challenges, you can manage the meltdowns, ditch the power struggles, and enjoy more of the day-to-day moments as a family.

Parenting kids with higher needs and challenging behaviors can feel frustrating, lonely, and all-consuming. You’re just not going to parent the way your neighbor does (or family members think you should). You need the right information and specific strategies tailored to your family’s needs, so you can feel more confident and effective in your parenting.

Also? Let’s face it, even the easiest parenting gig can greatly impact the relationship you have with your spouse. While you’re doing everything to understand and meet your child's needs, you can find yourself frequently feeling disconnected and at odds with your partner. There’s always something that needs to be done, or a fire to put out, and you can’t remember the last time you both felt seen and supported.

I’m proud to be a certified Clini-Coach®, a licensed professional counselor with specialized training in ADHD, attachment, and trauma, and a parent that knows how hard it can be to raise kids that don't fit into the "typical child" box.   My goal is to help you find the exact right strategies for your unique family so you can feel more confident and effective in your parenting, and enjoy more connection and collaboration in your relationship.

Are YOU ready to step off the struggle bus and into stronger, more joyful relationships with your kids and your partner? Book a call today and let’s get started!