Rachael Meir

Hi, I'm Dr. Rachael Meir! Although I had been raised to believe that you find a partner, get married, have 2.5 kids, work for 50+ years, and then retire and finally enjoy life, I quickly found myself going against the grain of this socially ingrained model. I explored non-monogamy through the swinging lifestyle. I decided to be "childfree by choice." I quit my corporate job, escaped the “rat race” and moved to Mexico where I lived as an expat for 3 years. And I am now in a polytriad/throuple relationship with my husband Aaron and fiancé Kasey. After fully coming out, I launched the Defy Relationship Conformity Coaching program because I understand first-hand that dealing with difficult emotions and managing multiple relationships can be overwhelming, but also incredibly rewarding. I have extensive experience and knowledge in ethical non-monogamy (ENM) and can guide you on your journey towards a successful, unconventional relationship yourself.

I'm easy-going, friendly, non-judgmental, and totally open-minded ... you can feel safe telling me literally anything! I have a track record of going against the grain of what is expected of me. And I try really hard to not give a shit what others think or say about me (as long as I'm not hurting anyone else of course). Together, we will delve into your own beliefs and motivations, uncovering what defines a successful non-monogamous relationship for you. By coaching with me, you will gain the skills to handle challenging emotions like jealousy, learn how to communicate effectively with your partners, and feel confident building fulfilling and sustainable relationships.

Don't let your fear of judgment from others, your fear of jealousy or other insecurities, or your fear of damaging your current relationship hold you back from having the multiple relationships.