Patricia Rich

You are not alone if you feel unprepared, uncomfortable or dissatisfied approaching sexuality in your clinical or personal life.
Perhaps you were raised and trained in cultures that did not include sexuality as a healthy and natural aspect of life.
Perhaps the models you were offered did not include the full range of Self-Led sexual expression that is possible regardless of age, size, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, relationship status, as a BIPOC person or as a person of intersecting marginalized identities. Perhaps you have not had a chance to practice internal and external consent, allowing Self-Led choices in line with your values, preferences and boundaries. Or perhaps you just want some new tools and a new perspective...​​​​​​​
If so, I can relate!
Despite many years of formal education as a psychotherapist,
I received very little training in sexuality until I pursued it on my own. And while sex therapy training broadened my understanding of specific content areas and techniques, I wanted to work with clients at a deeper level that could accomplish more than symptom reduction. I wanted one that embraced the whole person and could lead to transformational change.
I was very lucky to then find the Internal Family Systems model (IFS) created by Richard Schwartz, PhD. This groundbreaking and evidence-based approach revolutionized my approach to healing and growth. And while a few people were bringing IFS to the realm of sexuality, I saw the potential for significant expansion.
Over the last several years I have been birthing an integrative approach to Self-Led Sexuality which offers an innovative and exciting way to relate with our own sexuality, and to help others to relate with theirs.
And I'm going to be honest.
My exploration of Self-Led Sexuality began as a professional and intellectual pursuit. But as I have practiced what I am preaching, I have had powerful experiences that have transformed my relationship with my body, my partner, and the Universe itself.
And that's what I want to offer other people as well. Is this what you're looking for?
I am Patty, the Self-Led Sexuality Clini-Coach®.
Check out my free guide to The Six S's of Sexual Energy™ which just may revolutionize your relationship to your own sexuality. Recognize the resource that we already have inside so you can help yourself and others to feel Safe, Sensual, Spacious, Sensitive, Steamy and Satisfied.