Nicole Barksdale

You’re a smart, successful, high achieving working woman. On the outside you look like you have it all together but on the inside it’s a different story. Everyone around you thinks you can do it all and by all accounts that appears to be true. But on the inside, you are exhausted! You're lost in the hustle of climbing your respective career ladder and making sure everyone else's needs are being met in your personal life. Losing sight of what you value and what is important to you.
Leaving you with an internal sense of failure and self-doubt. A loss of motivation and you are becoming increasingly cynical. This is what I’ve often referred to as an overwhelmed achiever.
You’ve ignored these feelings for far too long! You may have taken vacations, got a promotion or even found a new job, but the feelings remain.
I have good news for you. Burnout happens but staying burned out is a choice! Time to take control of your busy life and choose joy! You don't have to live like this!
Imagine a life without feeling burned out. A life where you can enjoy your work again. A space to maintain healthy relationships with both you and those around you.
I'm Nicole Barksdale, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker turned Clini-Coach, and I help working women move beyond burnout to rediscover what brings them joy and release what causes resentment.
As a former overwhelmed achiever and licensed psychotherapist specializing in burnout and stress management, I know firsthand that women just like you can prioritize yourself without feeling guilty or less productive, while also building and maintaining healthy relationships with those around you.
Over the last two decades, I've helped hundreds of working women learn to reclaim their lives from stress, anxiety, and burnout.
I work with my clients to uncover and heal the root of their burnout for good. Providing the strategies and tools to combat their burnout and release their resentment using a proven and effective system.
Time to stop letting burnout kill your success and fuel your resentment!