Nick Bognar

Did grad school teach you how to find therapy clients? They didn't teach me either! I had to figure it out on my own- through painful trial and error, and the whole time I was wishing that some kind of coach would just come along and give me concrete steps to build my caseload. Now that I'm a highly successful (and full!) cash-pay-only clinician, I have decided to be that coach for the next generation of therapists.

If you're like I was, you're super tired of getting vague advice and waiting for the phone to ring. You're passionate about therapy, and you're ready to help people and give back. I can break down the process of networking into an easy, enjoyable process that can get your caseload full and help you build a world-class professional community around you.

I tried all the stuff you've probably tried- writing and rewriting copy, sliding my scale down to the earth's core, handing out business cards... All of it made me feel empty and kind of sleazy (and it didn't get me many clients, either!). Eventually, I combined the skills from all three of my careers- business, hospitality, and therapy, and built my practice through helping.

Join me and the Action Practice Building community to create the practice of your dreams and experience the kind of success other clinicians only wish for!