Natashia M. Robbins

I may be a long-time therapist turned coach, but that doesn't mean I haven't been there. I have most definitely experienced the sense of being stalled or blocked on my healing and growth journey. I’ve personally navigated the overwhelming sense of frustration this can cause, and the types of questions that often accompany it. Questions such as, “Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over again? And “Why is it that my efforts are not getting me where I want to be?” Sweet soul, it's time to stop spinning your wheels. What if I told you that the answer was inside you all along? Within you are deep roots of knowledge that were designed to help you navigate life from a fully aligned place. By learning to tap into this, you can re-gain access your deepest and most primal information source. In doing so, you will begin to learn about who you truly are and what you need in order to thrive in this life. What you learn about yourself will likely surprise you… By reuniting with your internal root structure, you will be able to take steps toward building a more aligned and sustainable life. Perhaps most importantly, by building from this deeply rooted place, you will be able to lay a strong foundation of internal safety and security, allowing for the type of wild growth that has no choice but to flourish! Let’s face it… Life is too precious and our time here too short. Let this serve as a gentle nudge. Let it be a reminder that you've waited a long time. Too long really. The moment has come to get your hands dirty and start tending to your root structure so that you can grow the life you came here to experience. Roots so steady that even the strongest storm is unable to knock you off your path. Roots so solid that you can count on feeling safe and secure and held every single day of your life, no matter what sort of chaos is swirling around in the outside world. Are you ready to dig in? Head over to to learn more. Be sure to also check out the link below to get access to a free mini-course that reveals what is often a key missing piece to the healing and growth journey: Be rooted well!