Nadine Flowers

"A Woman's Work is Never Done"...

Until She Says So! Whether it's caring for others, focusing on a career, having a beautiful home, or tending to relationships, all of these require an incredible amount of your time and energy. In today's culture, the pace and demands of life can be like an obstacle course for women who want to take and make quality time for themselves.

Though there is a lot of gratification from these accomplishments, there are also diminishing returns for women when it comes to their radiance, joy, and well-being. A woman can achieve what she puts her mind to, but internally she feels drained, lackluster, and last in her own life.

I know all too well about the payoff that comes with doing and getting things done. It feels good to be there for others, to be productive, and to make things happen. The problem is that when our lives are not designed to support and sustain us, it can leave a woman feeling empty and flat.

When I partner with a client, we identify what is working and what isn't. We create new ways for you to see and design your new life. Week by week, we uncover, discover, and discard the old, tired habits that no longer support you and replace them with inspired and creative ways to nourish yourself.

Many women who are high achievers and ambitious are sometimes also very self-reliant. That can be beneficial in most areas except when it has left no time or energy for you.

The brand of self-care that you will craft with me by your side will be life-changing. You will deeply alter the way you spend your time by experiencing more moments of ease and rest in your daily life.

When you step off the merry-go-round of doing and move into a place of Nature-Based Self-Care™ with me, you will thank yourself for decades to come. You will be amazed at how energized and lighter you will feel.

Don't save the "best for last" for one more day! Take this opportunity to create self-care habits that support YOU - because you, my dear, most definitely deserve it!

Book a call with me now. It's time to put yourself at the top of the list!