Myriah Wallace

As a woman in a professional role, it's common to experience a lack of confidence and imposter syndrome. This can hinder your growth and prevent you from effectively leading your team. If you allow these feelings to persist, you may miss out on valuable opportunities and let others take your place. It's time to overcome the stress and anxiety associated with imposter syndrome and regain your sense of competence and empowerment. Remember your "why" and let's rediscover the joy it once brought you. Gain the skills and techniques necessary to exude confidence, earn respect, and establish yourself as a strong leader. Don't let self-doubt hold you back—take control of your career and embrace the success you deserve.

I have a secret: I'm inappropriate. There, I said it. I can certainly be the person working with you in a stiff three-piece suit talking in corporate jargon, but I’d much rather us say what’s on our minds unfiltered. I have been in the mental health field for over a decade and in healthcare leadership for over seven years. I find change to be exciting. I can’t get enough education to master all the professional and ridiculous hobbies I desire. Ultimately, I strive for a life where I can sit on my porch, satisfied, and think, "This is a good life."

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves." You are in a position of great power, let's propel you to excellence. I want to give you a free brief video series where you can take some of my secret techniques and immediately put them in to action. Visit to access the free training.