Molly Saeger

Hi. I'm Molly Saeger.

I help divorcing parents navigate, plan for & develop an effective
coparenting relationship and tailored coparenting plans despite any level of conflict.

Having an effective coparenting relationship and thoughtfully designed coparenting agreements are key to developing lifelong resilience for children of divorce. I'm here to help parents stay creative, flexible, and calm yet assertive in ways that keep your kiddos front and center while you re-establish yourselves as a divorced parent no matter the level of conflict or where you are in the process of divorce/uncoupling.

Your commitment to this process will help alleviate feelings of guilt, overwhelm and worry that typically accompany divorce. It can also provide a foundation on which to build upon again and will be more relevant to your current situation.

As a divorced, single mom, a licensed psychotherapist for over 20 years and a divorce CliniCoach®, my expertise in family systems, trauma, divorce and child development enable to me to support and individualize a beneficial path forward for your family.

Partner with me. I will help you do it better.

To learn more, please visit or send me an email at