Molly Brendle-Ayala

Learning that you have Multiple Sclerosis can put a serious damper on your plans. From balance struggles to brain fog and constant fatigue, MS is no joke!

I know those struggles all too well. My brain has always been my weapon of choice, and it felt like I was disarmed by MS. Tasks took longer than before and setting goals felt nearly impossible. What got me through the early hardships of my MS story was my support team and my ability to see that I am more than MS.

I’m Molly Brendle-Ayala, The MS Goals Coach. MS is only a part of your story, and I am here to help you find your new ways to accomplish goals and see that YOU ARE MORE THAN MS. As a licensed therapist, I have the skills to help you learn what is possible. MS does not have to stop you from realizing your goals and living a life you love.