Mizuho Kanazawa

Miho is an empowerment life coach for multicultural Asian women.

Are you a multicultural Asian woman who is struggling with self-doubt, limiting beliefs, or a lack of confidence? But people around you usually see you as a competent and confident person? Are you afraid of time passing by and as you get older realize you never did anything to really express and share your special talent with the world? Do you seek a safe space where you can talk about your family history, culture, identity, without making it short? As an Asian female life coach and therapist who has worked with hundreds of multicultural Asian women for 20+ years, I am deeply aware of the unique challenges you might face in your work, relationships, society, and life experiences. With a keen understanding of the complex and rich backgrounds and culturally sensitive approach, I help multicultural Asian women, just like you, build confidence in every area of their lives.

My name is Mizuho and my nickname is Miho :) I am an empowerment life coach for multicultural Asian women. I bring 20+ years of experience and sensitivity as a therapist to my work as a life coach. I love working with people who feel they are "between cultures". I have felt "rootless" and doubled myself for many years until I opened my own practice with the desire to work with multicultural Asian clients through therapy and coaching. I live my dream of empowering Asian women every day. Check out my current offer of therapeutic group coaching for multicultural Asian women in New York. https://www.coachmiho.com/risetogether

If you are looking for 1:1 coaching, please visit this page: https://www.coachmiho.com/programs