Misty Olsen

I was consumed with rigid behaviors that made me feel like a hamster in a wheel. I ate what I was ‘supposed to’. I exercised for hours each day. I taught women how to reach their physical goals by doing the same thing.

I was also stuck living a life that felt empty and small. I started to notice that the women I worked with would look in the mirror and see only a flawed version of a beautiful human.

Hi! I am Misty Olsen. I am a fitness professional turned therapist and body image coach. The fitness industry teaches us only a small part of the solution to feeling confident and happy! Unfortunately, the most important part is left out. Balance!

Reaching your physical goals is about so much more than forcing yourself to follow a strict diet and workout routine.

-It's about finding a mind-body connection that allows your body to work for you rather than against you.

-It's about letting go of rigid beliefs and behaviors that induce a shameful self-view.

-It's about developing the best version of yourself in all areas. Not just your physical health.

If you are sick of the rollercoaster ride that comes along with making changes to your body, lasting change that unlocks happiness awaits you! Click here https://go.wildflowerwellness.us/Workwithme and book a free call to get started on your journey to change today!

Find freedom from the struggles of a negative body image. Love yourself through change.