Mike Dyson

My name is Mike Dyson and I’m a licensed therapist and a faith-based mindset coach.
Over the last 20+ years I’ve acquired many tools and techniques in the process of helping my clients change their lives. Yet, nothing has compared to the insights and revelations I've discovered along my own journey into the mind of Christ.

More than anything, my desire is to lead people into a renewed life of hope, purpose and fulfillment. It is a spiritual realm that transcends stress and anxiety, overwhelm and burnout. God has shown me how to help people experience true change and lasting transformation: By learning practical strategies that help them live out His principles as a result of His power.

I’d like to invite you into the The Master’s Mindset program, a journey designed to reMaster your thinking. It is one that offers fresh perspective, new revelation and life-giving results that are guaranteed by the Master himself. This revelational journey is about learning how to rewire your brain through the knowledge and wisdom embedded in scripture that produces supernatural results in your life. One just has to learn the process of being transformed by the renewing of the mind that they’ve already been given–the mind of Christ.

If you’re ready to declare God’s freedom in your life, join me on the journey at mikedysoncoaching.com where you’ll gain access to my free training, “The 3 P’s of Perspective-Taking”.