Michelle Salazar

Hi, I’m Michelle Salazar, a licensed therapist, Certified Clini-Coach® and Relationship Transformation Expert.

I teach disconnected couples expert strategies to move from Roommate Syndrome to a reignited, reconnected relationship.

In fairy tales, couples live happily ever after, right?! Reality, however, tells us bliss and passion have a limited shelf life, maybe even an expiration date. But a true love story isn’t a fairy tale, and you may not have been taught the skills necessary to sustain your relationship.

I get it! It can seem as if the success or failure of a relationship is no more certain than a coin toss. No worries, I’ve got you! With the right set of skills and strategies, you CAN transform your relationship from blah to bling! Why risk losing something truly special when you CAN choose YOUR Happily Ever After. I can show you how.

I’ve spent years helping hundreds of couples just like you rekindle and reignite tired, neglected, even bitter relationships. From my vantage point, people deeply love their partners but may overlook just how necessary it is to nurture and grow their connection.

So, if you’re ready to…

  1.  side-step the dark and heartbreaking sadness of a failed relationship,
  2. and dance on that backyard patio under sparkling strings of lights on a warm summer night with your partner,
  3. and cherish your relationship, even when the going gets tough, the same way you did during that steamy honeymoon stage…

Rekindle & Reignite IS the ultimate reconnection program for couples. Get ready for the honeymoon stage do-over of your dreams!

Head on over to my website, HeyMichelleSalazar.com to download my free guide, "Top 5 Relationship Hacks Connected Couples Use Everyday!"