Meghan Englert

Hey parents!

What if I told you that you can get through your entire daily routine without constant battles?

What if I told you that playing with your kids didn't have to feel torturous?

Now, what if I combined these ideas and told you that you can play with your kids, not hate it, AND get everything done?

Hi, I'm Meghan, your Playful Parenting Clini-Coach® . I help parents bond more and battle less through the power of play so you can start ENJOYING parenthood.

I have had experience as a family therapist, play therapist, preschool teacher, and mom of two. All those hats have given me a treasure trove of skills to share with YOU! In my program, we will stop those constant battles and get you ready for the next childhood conflict.

Are you ready to start enjoying your parenting journey?
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You don't have wait for this or that childhood "phase" to be over!