Megan Giroux

I'm Megan Giroux, and I help professional women finally overcome the sleep issues that are sabotaging their daily lives. Whether you have struggled with sleep forever or this is a new reality for you I am here to help. I am passionate about sleep because it is the foundation women need to thrive in their professional and personal lives.

Too many times poor sleep causes women to not only suffer from the physical side effects but striving for good sleep becomes all-consuming and debilitating. When you feel confident about your ability to get good quality sleep you are free to focus on the things that matter: your career, those that you love, and pursuing your dreams.

I'm a licensed therapist, certified Clini-Coach®, recovered insomniac, and a strong believer that good sleep is a woman's hidden superpower. I have read the books, done the research, and completed specialized training so that working together I can help you make the changes that you didn't know were possible in your relationship with sleep.

If you are ready to trade sleep anxiety and struggle to nightly confidence and thrive in your awake hours then I can't wait to work with you.