Lori Serratto

Does the realization that your kiddo is becoming a tween make you feel a bit, um… squeamish? Flashbacks of moody backtalk, brace-face grins, and awkward encounters from your past creep into your mind, right? And now your very own child is about to experience the hard earned highs and many lows of middle adolescence. If glimpses of disrespect, lack of gratitude, or harsh self-talk describe your child’s current phase and you’re not sure what to do about it, then you’re in the right place.

See, if you’re like most parents, you’re feeling torn between the pride of all your child has accomplished to get here and the dread of what is sure to come.

Like the intensified attitudes, stressful homework loads, the crushing social rejection they might play off as nothing. When all of these new stressors build up, you can find yourself with a highly emotional, unmotivated, and unhappy kid… and that is exactly what you’re trying to prevent! I’m right there with you. This stage of your kiddo’s life just might be the most crucial of the parenting years.

Hi! I’m Lori, a certified Clini-Coach® and the kid’s resilience expert. I help kids build resilience to bounce back from the social and emotional challenges that can make or break middle childhood so they can believe in themselves, turn things around, and bounce forward with confidence toward their dreams. And I help parents implement simple resilience exercises in everyday moments to support the advancement of these skills within their child.

If a curious, confident, and kind tween is what you tried for, but you're now concerned you've somehow missed the mark and want to course correct, let’s get started. I equip families with the skills necessary to not only overcome challenges, but also to thrive with resilience, confidence, and optimism. Stress will happen in your child’s life. Equipping them with the right tools will give them an edge on success.

To discover which resilience skills your child has now and which they need to pump up, take my free quiz by clicking this link: How Resilient is Your Child?