Leslie Russell-Martin

Here's the "thing." We all have things to do and places to be....But......sometimes we just get in our own way. Why? Maybe we got distracted: by life, by others, by hardship, by stress, a big life event, living in the "I should," or maybe you are living a life that makes you ask "How the He** did I get here!" There are a ton of reasons for life's unraveling. I get it. Sometimes we get lost. We get set on a course that we believe is the right one, the thing to do. For whatever reasons "those" are. And then....We wake up one day and things change. Your relationships, your health, your career, your marriage, your goals.....YOU! (And that is OK!)

Like You, I have found that traditional interventions can only go so far. In fact, sometimes traditional methods LIMIT individuals from finding true healing! It's almost like traditional ways want to keep you UN well!! It is important to find your way to heal within your life,: To play big, stand in your power, and truly experience life and wellbeing. Too often we define our lives on the perceptions of others and the "should's" of others. We experience scarcity instead of joy and operate in fear instead of faith.

My name is Dr Leslie Russell-Martin. For years (Over 20! How did that happen!?) I have been a provider of mental health and wellness services. I am a licensed psychologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, and a neuropsychologist. I am also a neurofeedback provider, Amen Clinic Certified Brain Coach, and Integrative Wellness provider. It has always been my passion to know more to help more people. The more you know, the more you realize just what you do not know and how much more could be out there to help others heal. I have gathered A LOT of letters and training because of this and continue to try to excel to help others.