Kym Lundburg

I help Millennial and Gen Z women to break free from their old dating patterns and create the love they want.

As a licensed therapist, certified Clini-Coach®, and certified spiritual counselor, I help clients feel more calm, grounded, and secure in themselves and learn to listen to their intuition so they can stop wasting time on the wrong people and start creating loving relationships and futures they truly want.

I bring my own professional as well as personal experiences healing from toxic relationship patterns and won't judge you for your past struggles. Maybe you've been able to create a successful career but just can't seem to get your relationship right. We are human and make mistakes. Having someone to coach you through challenges and empower you with tools that actually work to help you get out of repeating patterns and into a fulfilling and joyful relationship. End your chase and distancing dances, self-sabotaging, and stop wasting time on the wrong guy for you.

I've read the books, taken the courses, listened to the podcasts, done the programs, and done testing out of tools so you don't have to. I'll take you through practical, holistic, and spiritual practices that have helped so many of my clients, as well as myself, to get out of the cycles, let go of the past, and create more love and connection in their lives.

If you're struggling to trust yourself and want to break old patterns and create healthy relationships, I'm here for guidance and support. Let's schedule a chat and see if we are a good fit!