Krystal Ramirez-Felan

Hi I help military spouses feel connected, happy, and whole when "staying busy" during deployments isn't enough. To say that going through a deployment is tough is an understatement. From one day to the next, you have to take care of children, finances, house maintenance, house chores, and routines all by yourself... and somehow convince yourself that you are fine and not lose your sanity. It. Is. Tough.
I'm a military wife myself and I remember the first deployment I didn't know what to expect and I remember feeling so alone. I wished I had someone to guide me and normalize some of the things I felt guilty about like feeling proud and angry that my husband was gone for a year. Before I realized I was sad, angry, irritable all the time but didn't know how to navigate through this uncharted territory. I felt ashamed to talk about it because I thought I "should" be able to have it all together because I was so independent but what I found was that many other spouses were in the same boat as me. I realized talking with these other spouses that we had similar issues. That's when I realized there is a huge need in this area and I wanted to help.

I'm Krystal Ramirez and if this sounds familiar then I am your Military Spouse Deployment Coach. Check out my website at and get my freebie video! You are more ready than you think, it's time to take care of you! Can't wait to hear from you!