Kimberley Palmiotto

Being a mom to teenage girls is a bit like waling through a minefield. You are not sure what is going to pop up even if you have walked through a similar field before. There are so many things that are never really taught to us about the adolescent brain and how our own history and the way we were parented are now going to step in and play a role. It feels like you pivoted in just a moment from having those sweet hugs with your daughter where she might come to you asking questions about life and your advice about it to feeling shunned and irrelevant while you are savoring a brief moment of a hug as she dashes out of the house with friends.

I'm Kimberley Palmiotto and I help mom's manage the emotional roller coaster of puberty with their teenage daughters. I understand the challenges of this parenting stage from the inside out as I have 4 girls myself and as a therapist working with teen girls and families for over 20 years I am able to bring a wealth of experience to the table. Even with all of that knowledge and experience, I found that our own personal experiences are very different when we enter this parenting phase. This prompted me to jump in and help moms to understand the basic elements of adolescence with girls but more than that, to create an individualized plan to help them navigate that personal relationship with their daughter that books might not offer.

I love hearing stories from other moms and helping them grow through these transitions. If this is a journey you are willing to take, I would love to find some time to talk with you about it. Whether you book a call with me to chat about next steps or just start with following me on social media, I hope to connect with you soon! Also - don't forget to grab your free guide to Learn the process to stop 5 big communication mistakes you might be making with your teen daughter!