Kerry Yonushonis

There’s so much conflicting information out there about how to help your child with dyslexia, right? You're trying to sift through pseudoscience to find the facts, which makes you crazy.
And balancing those emotions, while staying strong for your struggling child is exhausting. You're realizing that dyslexia is so much more than reading and spelling!

-You see the emotional and social hurdles your child is facing.
-You see the struggles your family is facing- sibling comparisons, nightly homework battles, tears of frustration from school bullies
- Your partner who lets face it, hasn’t read the books and isn’t on the same page!!!!
- And let's not forget…...tutors tutors tutors!!!!!

Dyslexia impacts everyone around that dinner table.

If you read one more post that “dyslexia is a gift/super power/or hidden gem” or anymore toxic positivity shit….well, you might just spontaneously combust. The gems may come later, but right feel like you’re in a battle for your child’s education, their emotional well being, and also your family’s health.
But, you are not quite sure where to go. It feels like you are trying to gather information from all different resources, and creating a patchwork quilt to understand dyslexia. When this happens, a lot of vital information falls through the cracks.
I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this hard, and I have found a solution to get you all this information and education in one place.

Hi, I’m Kerry, and I have been where you are! I am not only a mom of a dyslexic child, but I’m also dyslexic myself! I’m also a Clini-Coach® (clinical masters level licensed therapist and trained coach) my focus is EVERYTHING DYSLEXIC. My goal is to help you understand the multifaceted world of dyslexia. I want to educate you on ALL of these elements, so you can confidently become your child’s guide for their lifelong journey with dyslexia.

The dyslexia journey is more than just learning to read, and is complex with challenges at all levels that include psycho-social-emotional-AND of course those academic pains.

Connect with me, and ease those struggles:
- learn to have open dialogue about dyslexia with your child who may feel shame
- recognize the emotional trouble spots, before they become more serious
- utilize grounding skills and coping strategies geared for YOUR child and YOUR family.
- open discussions with your family, as you learn the impact dyslexia has on your whole family
- BRACE yourself…..we even address your relationship with your partner and how to get on the same page.
-how to advocate for your child at the school
-educate your child’s support network.... because even the grandparents, scout leaders, and sports coaches need to know how dyslexia affects your kiddo!

If you are still reading this, go grab my freebie and understand how to help your child deal with dyslexia induced anxiety