Kellie Prophet

After living through trauma after trauma, I only knew how to do one thing: survive. So much so that even after healing from those devastations, I still felt trapped in survival mode. Always waiting for the next storm, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I didn't trust that life could be better, and I didn't believe that I had control over my own happiness! I was only comfortable in chaos, not in calm. In those moments of peace, I found my survival skills totally useless. I didn't know how to take care of myself, have a healthy routine, save money, or how to connect - with others or with myself. I stopped growing. Staying in one place was my attempt to stay "safe" from further damage. From that stagnant, stuck place I realized: I was self-sabotaging.

At that moment, I decided I wanted more out of life. I wanted happiness to be internal, not external. I wanted peace to be a daily experience, not brief moments between the storms of life. I read every book I could get my hands on. I went to trainings, therapists and coaches. I learned and mastered the real-life strategies that took me from surviving to thriving.

I created Love Ordinary Co. so that I could pass on the knowledge. Now, I teach survivors how to stop self-sabotaging, and start living with purpose and peace. I teach people to fall in love with life's ordinary moments and motions. I teach people to unlock the secrets of their bodies and minds to work toward their greatest self. After all that you have survived, you deserve to embrace the unstoppable person you can be.

No more auto-pilot. This is your one chance to live a life you LOVE, and the time is now to be abundant and thriving. Rise above your past and learn to build your ideal future. In my programs you will learn how to stop surviving and start living.

Start by taking my quiz to find out how you're getting in the way of your own progress and growth! Book a free consultation to find out about my programs and memberships, and to learn how I can help you master yourself. What do you have to lose? Nothing more important than a life where you thrive.