Kelli Frey

I was a Christian teen in the 90's and was therefore raised in the height of purity culture full of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye", purity pledges, and "True Love Waits", hearing the object lessons of a damaged flower, chewed up gum, spit in water, and pieces of you "stuck" to another person signifying "impurity", with no outlet to question, discuss, or process these messages or awakening sexuality. In my adulthood, I realized the damaging impact the shame messaging had on me as it related to: my view of self, relationships, lack of boundaries, judgment, lack of authenticity, perfectionism, and resentment.

As a Purity Culture Healing Coach, I bring a deep understanding and personal experience of growing up within the confines of purity culture. Having navigated the complexities and challenges it posed, I am dedicated to guiding others towards healing and empowerment. With a compassionate approach, I help individuals gracefully break free from the constraints of their past, fostering a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-compassion, loving kindness, and authentic growth. Together we'll explore new perspectives, challenge beliefs, and pave the lane towards embracing a healthier and more fulfilling understanding of relationships (self and others) and sexuality, reclaiming your personal agency, and embracing a life of genuine joy and fulfillment.

You don't need to navigate this journey alone. I've traveled the path, immersed myself in knowledge, and am prepared to lead you down the path to your authentic, free, and joyful self. Your upcoming, empowered life is on the horizon! If this resonates with you, visit my website at and establish a connection. Access my complimentary video now and avoid staying stuck! Freedom is possible. Looking forward to meeting you as you step into your next exciting season!