Kate Juozaitis

I help couples who want to build a strong foundation for a long term commitment to one another past the fears, historic mistrust, and fairytale belief of "happily ever after" so that they can feel more confident in their love while maintaining the playfulness and sexiness that they desire. 
I'm Kate Juozaitis, the heart and soul behind Lift As You Climb Coaching, where personal growth meets a dash of humor all served up on a plate of "real honest talk". As the captain of the relationship coaching ship, Kate believes life is a series of plateau's and pivots; just like Ross and Chandler moving that couch.....PIVOT!!!! We will all get through it together.
Starting off as a first responder and paramedic, Kate quickly realized that life's emergencies sometimes need a touch of humor and a whole lot of resilience. Kate's own life journey is a rollercoaster of experiences that has taught her so much on how not to get fixated on an outcome and learn to flow.
Breaking out of her cozy nook of private practice for over 2 decades, Kate has become the go-to relationship guru, guiding couples through the dance of love with a sprinkle of laughter and working out (or working some in) the kinks that have caused them hardship. She firmly believes that even in the midst of serious conversations, a well-timed joke can be the glue that holds hearts together. And a little sexy/playfulness never hurt any relationship.
And because life is a sitcom waiting to happen, Kate doubles as a certified mediator, helping couples navigate the messiness of divorce with a touch of grace and understanding. Conscious uncoupling, custody battles, visitation woes – you name it, she's got a strategy, and probably a joke or two, to help you through it. It doesn't have to be war.
So, if you're looking to spice up your relationships, get back into dating post divorce, or navigate the twists of divorce with a smile, Kate Juozaitis is your go-to relationship coach. Because, let's face it, life's too short to take it too seriously – and laughter is the best therapy!