Karla Lang

Transform your relationship from living as roommates to conscious, passionate lovers! Remember when you couldn't keep your hands off each other? When you could have deep connected conversations and feel like your partner really "got you"? Then life happened; career, kids, responsibilities. Now it feels like you are in a rut having a really great functioning household with someone you love. Maybe now that you are older, the passion just doesn't exist like it once did. That belief is convenient...and full of BS. The fact is your relationship can actually be better and more passionate than ever.

Being in a non-passionate, disconnected relationship is no fun...and it is one of the major reasons for divorce. I love sex, I love touching, and I love deep meaningful connections. Not having that in my romantic relationships had me look at how I was showing up. I went on a transformational journey and did the work. Now I am in a romantic relationship that matches my heart's desire! I know, as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Coach, so many relationships can avoid divorce if they could have that deep intimate, and passionate connection that's truly incredible.

I created a program to do just that. Learn how to fall in love again, know you are adored, feel desire and passion for your partner, come alive, and have that intimate conscious connection you long for in your heart.