Karen Pleshe

My name is Karen Pleshe, and I am a licensed therapist turned Clinic-Coach®. I have practiced therapy with clients for over 25 years specializing in trauma and couple’s work.  My husband of 37 years and I have been on a  journey to get our relationship with money and our relationship in a secure spot. We struggled for years with feeling we were not going to live without a credit card, get rid of debt ,or save for our future.  In the past 8 years we have made great improvements in our overall financial life and relationally.

My passion is to help people create the same satisfying life and with money and their relationship, as we now have. I am combining my knowledge of the brain and couples work, to help people live a rich life relationally and with money.

I look forward to helping you discover how you too, can have a secure relationship with your partner and with money.

Through working with me you will lessen your shame, blame and anxiety around money in your relationship. You will understand the root cause of your money behavior and develop good communication skills that allow you to talk easily with your partner about money. You will know you are successful when instead of fighting about money, you have a solid plan and support each other. You create the life you desire, and you know longer allow anxiety and fear to keep you up at night.

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