Kara Osborn

I'm Kara Logan and I help High Achieving Women manage their anxiety to gain balance and peace. I am a working mother, entrepreneur, and wife.  I am a high-achieving, driven woman. But I struggle with high-functioning anxiety. It all became too much a few years ago when my son and husband were both hospitalized within a few months of one another. I no longer felt I was in control of my emotions. I utilized Acceptance and Integration Training techniques and Somatic work to manage my anxiety and find balance I never had.

Do you struggle with feeling confident in your abilities? Feel on edge and overwhelmed trying to navigate everything? You may feel like you are responsible for everyone around you. Let me guess, everyone sees you as put together, the "strong" or "responsible" one. High-Functioning Anxiety hides in plain sight. We know we are drowning but feel at a loss to stop it. You deserve healing. I have created a blueprint that I used myself and have used successfully with clients to help you feel more confident, calm that inner critic, gain balance, and learn skills that you can use to help you feel in control of your anxiety and not let it run your life.