Kara Osborn

Hi, I'm Kara Osborn. I help mothers raise confident and connected daughters in a media-obsessed world. Social media is full of airbrushed glitz and false realities. Many parents worry their daughters could grow up with the wrong idea of how she should look or be. Do you worry that too much time on social media could block your daughter's confidence or success? We all want our see our girls express individuality, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills. But as parents, we are in a double bind. Like it or not, these days socialization occurs in online spaces. Not allowing online networking could block girls from getting their socialization needs met and lead them to feel left behind. Social networking skills are also important in today's job economy, so she needs online skills for her future endeavors. So what's a caring and responsible parent to do?

I'm a mother of three so I have skin in the game of parenting in this modern world. I also happen to be a licensed therapist and an expert in female identity formation and parent-child relationships. I've learned personally and clinically what it takes for families and individuals to stay connected in a culture that changes faster than we do.

I've unraveled the secrets to finding strength in femininity and filtering outside pressures and influences. And I want to share all my tips and wisdom with YOU so that you and your daughter can put a "filter" in place to only get the good stuff from online networking. Get your first few tips free with a 30min initial consultation call by booking directly on my calendar at www.bloomroomcoaching.com/calendar.

Together, we can create strategies to help your daughter pick up ONLY the good stuff she sees so that you can be relaxed and excited for her future.