Judy Oliver

Want to take your sex life from BORING to ROARING?
Hi! I’m Judy, queer femme sex and intimacy advisor. Sponsor of all things pleasure and connection. Supporter of the erotic, the sensual, the consensual, the bawdy, the bold, and the carnal.
I am a licensed mental health counselor turned coach.
I believe:
✔️Talking about sex should be as easy as talking about riding a bike
✔️Consent should be part of every human exchange
✔️Everyone has the right to know their bodies and desires
So what’s up with sex? Why is it so often problematic, uncomfortable, mysterious and confusing?
Here’s the way I see it. There’s too much math in sex. Now I am terrible at all things mathematical, but I know the societal equations involved in sex.
Sex = shame
Sex = obligation
Sex = humdrum
I say… NAH. F*CK THAT!
Let’s write new equations for your sex and sexuality!
When we’re done working together you’ll be well on your way to:
Sex = pleasure
Sex = connection
Sex = fun
...insert your equation here, that’s right I said insert - but only with desire and consent of course.
Now if you’re totally cool with your relationship to sex and pleasure, or maybe you aren’t pulled to sex - right on! It’s the BEST to live in authenticity. Let yourself be free of the pressures that the world has wrapped up in sex and sexuality.
BUT if you’re tired of feeling:
✖️ too tired for sex
✖️ bored with boredom in the bedroom
✖️stressed about stress getting in the way of your desire and pleasure
TIME to take your sex life from stress to YES! YES! YES!