Joyce Scherdin

I'm Joyce Scherdin, Licensed Marriage Therapist turned Relationship Coach for Christians.  I help women improve their relationships. Partner, not interested in changing, no problem, I've got you covered. My own failed marriage was mind-numbingly horrible and led me to be on fire to help others avoid this pain. Christians can really beat themselves up when their relationship does not look like they had hoped it would. Yes, you can avoid the mistakes, the anxiety, and stress, the faulty thinking, the quilt, the hurt, anger, and resentment, oh the resentment! There's not much that puts out the fire of love quicker than resentment and anger.

When you see the change in you, in your heart, mind, and soul, or said another way in your thinking, in your attitude, and in your energy level - oh my how this settles your soul, calms your mind, and lifts your spirit. Then when you begin to see changes in your relationship, this is the sweet spot you are seeking, that's when you know how wise you have been to invest in yourself. You will be grateful the investment paid off and the wisdom, insight, and tools you have gained will be yours forever more.

Ladies, you know you are powerful and with God on your side you are unstoppable. Let's get this going today.