Jennifer Soos

When my kids were schooling at home in the early days of the pandemic, it dawned on me that their formal education was not going to teach them about the foundations of mental health, and, even more important, they were not going to learn how to implement those fundamentals into their everyday lives.

As a family therapist, I felt a little panicked at this realization.

So, I wrote my own curriculum and began teaching it to my children myself. I quickly discovered that nearly everything keeping me up at night with worry - their social challenges, mood swings, screen time, academic struggles, nutrition, anxiety, emotional intelligence, and resilience - were addressed and improved by focusing on just a few key fundamentals. It wasn’t quite as overwhelming as it had felt.

So, The Five to Thrive Program was born out of my desire to train my own kids about these principles and help them incorporate these skills into their daily lives… and it has greatly reduced my worries about their overall well-being.

I’m Jennifer and I’ve been a mom and a family therapist for about 20 years. I’m far from perfect as a parent and I love to let people learn from my mistakes and borrow tips from my successes. Parenting in this current world is full of challenges and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and under-prepared. I invite parents to walk alongside the ups and downs of my journey so I can share the things I’ve learned in over two decades of working with families of all kinds. Discover with me what it means for your kids to truly thrive. You, too, can worry less and feel more confident that you are launching healthy, resilient kids out into the world.

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And if you are ready to invest in your children’s future and their ability to take charge of their own mental health, check out the Five to Thrive Program.