Jason Polk

Do you want to...
Show your kids what a healthy relationship looks like?
Have tools to manage conflict?
Know how to repair and recover from conflict?
Have more sex and physical intimacy?
If so, you're in the right place.
As parents, we often don't make time for each other. We let bitterness and resentment grow, feeling unappreciated by our partner.
Have you two tried to do something different that was either not successful, or lasted for a short while?
Maybe you two have dabbled in couples therapy but never got consistent support.
Being a couples therapist for years, I know that some of it can be a waste of time and fluff.
I provide a new framework for committed couples. I help you two reach your goals in a way that works.
I help you two spend less time in disconnection. More time in connection and harmony, without going to years of unstructured couples therapy.
Connection heals. When our relationship is strong, we feel better and live longer and we model a healthy relationship for our kids and future generations.