Jana Fuchs

Hey! Overwhelmed Moms Raising Neurodiverse Kids!

I'm Jana Fuchs and I help overwhelmed moms of neurodiverse kids rediscover calm, connection, and joy. You shouldn't feel guilty about needing time to yourself, to rest, reset, and play. After all, how can you expect your kiddo to be their most regulated self when you feel so out of whack? Plus, neurodiverse kids needs parents who can help them to co-regulate and find their calm. So if you are feeling stuck on the burnout express or your inner critic is kicking your own ass as you silently suffer, then we need to have a chat because you definitely aren't alone and I can help!

As a seasoned therapist turned Soul Coach for overwhelmed moms, I'm fired up by the work that I do because I have walked down a similar winding path! I'm the Mom of 2 fantastic kiddos - a neurotypical 8 year old girl (whose got TONS of sass and spice) and a 10 year old neurodivergent boy (who is sweet, empathetic, and a video game wizard). For the longest time, I struggled with overwhelm and guilt with prioritizing myself, especially as we were navigating the confusion of my son's diagnosis. (Turns out that ADHD, Autism, anxiety, and giftedness have a lot of overlap). All of the assessments, therapies, school meetings, and emails felt depleting and never-ending. And they still sometimes do. But the difference between the "me" 3 years ago verses the "me" now is that I used to (wrongly) assume that I always had to be everything to everyone!! I slowly learned that living that way wasn't serving anyone. So I made some changes by prioritizing myself and releasing the guilt, which has also benefited my family.

I'm Jana Fuchs, the "Put Yourself First, Mama" Clini-Coach®. I'm right here to walk by your side as I blend my years of training and experience as a special needs mom to help you navigate the challenges of raising differently wired kids. If you are nodding along, head to my website at www.janafuchscoaching.com and book a FREE discovery call with me there!