Jan Owen

Are you struggling in the wilderness of grief? Do you feel lost and alone, feeling like you are riding the waves of grief and wondering if you'll ever feel "normal" again? Maybe you have questions about what is next and how to get there. When we lose someone we love, everything can feel foreign to us and it may seem almost impossible to envision living with hope and meaning again. Everything has changed. WE have changed. And so we must begin again.

I understand all of those complicated and overwhelming feelings and challenges. I, too, had to begin again. I was widowed at age 48 and lost my precious mother soon after. I rebuilt my life while working my way through the wilderness of grief. I can help you do this as well! Whether you need support in early grief to understand what you are experiencing and set a path forward, or you are farther along on the journey and are beginning to think of your next steps in life, I can help you plot a course that will help you live with meaning and hope while still remembering your loved one.

I'm Jan Owen, a licensed therapist, CliniCoach®, and certified grief specialist. You don't have to walk this path alone. I have walked this journey myself, and I've spent the last few years educating myself on this topic as well. Let me support you in this challenging season and help you find hope and purpose again. And we can start right away! Go to my website and watch my free video on "The Things I Wish I'd Known When I was Widowed":


Email me at jan@janowencoaching.com to set up a time to talk!