Jaime Wetzel

You're a good parent, so what happened? You brought home a little bundle of joy with big dreams for the future. Early on you noticed something was different. Your child was busy, independent, and headstrong. You began to read parenting books and blogs, but the advice just didn't seem to work. You talked to friends and family, but their comments left you feeling lonely and misunderstood. Your child has sudden changes in emotion, with outbursts that are difficult to manage. You worry about whether school, daycare, and babysitters can handle your child. You want people to see your child's amazing strengths and to listen to you without judgment. You want realistic tips that work for busy families. You knew that parenting would be hard work, but now you need to calm the chaos.

I'm Dr. Jaime Wetzel, a child psychologist and parent of a strong-willed kid. I love their passion but WOW are they tough to parent! Traditional parenting advice doesn't always fit our kiddos. I can teach you the importance of timing to reduce tantrums, how to communicate to be heard, and how to determine which battles are worth having and which you can avoid. The goal is bring you peace of mind and calm to your household. We will work together to make sure your child grows from stubborn kid to future leader.

Let me help you to realize you are not alone! I know that you're a great parent because you're here looking for help. I will not make promises to transform your child overnight and neither of us would want to change who they are at their core. I understand your struggles in a way that other professionals cannot. I can offer compassion, guidance, and strategies that will bring you help and relief. So, if you are looking for someone with professional skills who you can relate to and learn from, head to my website and book a call. If you want to learn more about my approach, you can go to my facebook group, follow me on instagram, or download my free guide. I can't wait to help you build a happy future, one strong willed kid at a time.