Holly Daniels

I'm Dr. Holly Daniels, and I help people with amazing careers enjoy equally amazing personal lives. My clients have achieved success in their work, but they feel lonely and have trouble finding romantic relationships, or they feel really distant from their kids and want to be closer. I also work with creatives and innovators who want to explore their own psyches to become more creative and feel more alive!

Our work together will be unique, expansive, and based on sound psychological principles. I will push you, but we'll have fun along the way. I have worked with individuals and groups at the top of their game at SpaceX, HBO, Amazon, FX, NBC, AppleTV and more. No challenge is too great and no anxiety is too tough to conquer!

At www.mentalitykit.com, you'll see video courses and opportunities to work with me one-one-one. Check out my free video, "3 Mentality Shifts That Will Transform Your Life," and feel free to send me an email if you want more info at holly@mentalitykit.com. Wishing you the very best, always!