Gretchen Pound

I Help Professional Neurodivergent Women Thrive at Work

By the age of four, I made a conscious choice to conceal my uniqueness in the hope that it would make me more likable to others. This is a familiar tale for girls with ADHD like me; often, our traits go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. But one day, I had an awakening—I woke up with a thought echoing in my mind: "I no longer want to pretend to fit in." Perhaps you can relate; maybe you're tired of the relentless effort to blend in. The exhaustion from trying to fit into the mold society has set for us can be overwhelming. But I'm here to share a liberating truth: You have the power to let go of the act and embrace your incredible, authentic self.

Since accepting my authentic self, I've experienced increased gratitude, joy, and deeper connections in my relationships at work. This transformation has given me an overflow of energy, which I happily extend to my family, clients, and those in my surroundings. Now, I have the energy to convey this message to you: You can undergo this transformation as well. You can release the fear of not belonging and discover the bravery to relish all the unique gifts you have to share with your coworkers, bosses and friends.

My passion lies in empowering neurodivergent women to embrace their brilliance and feel completely confident at work and everywhere, allowing them to step into their full potential with unwavering certainty in their authenticity.