Gina Found

If your days feel like struggle-bus central and you fantasize about burning it all down, I've got you. Because I've been you. I know how much it sucks to dread getting out of bed and feel like your life is a series of frantic attempts to keep everybody happy and pay the bills. Drowning in things like stress, relationship dissatisfaction, and feeling incapable of reaching your goals is not living. And life can be so much better than all that.

I love empowering women to find greater wholeness, wellness, and satisfaction. Women are glorious creatures, and we've spent too many years fitting into molds that were designed by a bunch of old dudes maintaining their privilege. It's time to rewrite the rules, claim a new narrative, and get grounded in our powerful feminine essence.

I can pretty much promise that what you're truly capable of can't be revealed until you get centered, clear, intentional, and have an approach to life that puts it all on autopilot. That's what I teach!

I bring all of myself to my work: my love, humor, passion, real talk, 15+ years of experience as a licensed therapist, being a certified Clini-Coach, and 40+ years of personal experience (overcoming challenges, working with therapists and coaches, reading books, seeking solutions, trying things on, and walking the walk I now share with others).

If you're ready to release chronic stress, know yourself powerfully and deeply, and become an active agent of meaningful change in your life, check out my website at You'll be able to get free video training and book a free Discovery Call so we can learn more about each other.