Gila Z Reckess, PhD ("Dr. Gila")

I'm Dr. Gila (rhymes with "tequila") (she/her). As a single-parent coach, I know most single parents have one thing in common: They worry about how their single-parent-hood affects their kids, now and in the future. Here's the good news: The key to raising thriving, resilient kids is by harnessing the best tool in your toolkit: YOU!

I’m a psychologist and neuropsychologist, but none of my fancy degrees fully prepared me to handle some of the challenges of single parenting a strong-willed kiddo. So I dove head-first into the parenting research and discovered powerful tools for my own family. Along the way, I discovered a passion for helping other parents too.

Now, as a Clini-Coach® and Jai-certified parent coach, I help single parents develop the confidence and skills to handle hard parenting moments and to build strong, healthy relationships with their kids AND themselves.

You may be parenting on your own, but you don't have to do it alone.

The first step? Visit to schedule a FREE discovery call, and to download my FREE tool to get you through hard parenting moments without losing your s**t. You deserve it, and they deserve it.