Eric Cho

Hey Introverts!
I get it! Peopling is exhausting!
I get it! Overthinking and second guessing yourself is an all too familiar, unpleasant pastime!
I get it! You want your good work and contributions to be noticed but you’re uncomfortable with being the one to bring attention to them.
I get it! You're an introvert and creating the success and satisfaction you want in your career feels hard!

That's where I can help you! I'm Eric Cho, the Authentic Introvert Coach! I help introverts embrace their strengths to create more success and satisfaction in their careers, without having to pretend to be an extrovert!

Pulling from my 20+ years of experience as a mental health professional and my 20+ years of training and performing as an Improvisor, I can help you connect to your introverted strengths and expand your comfort zone. I will help you connect to the spirit of "Yes, and...", and teach you how to break through and reframe the limiting beliefs that keep holding you back. While I can't make you love the spotlight, I can help you learn to shine bright when you choose to be in it!

If you're ready to embrace your authentic self to open up the positive possibilities in your life, sign up for my free training on how to refresh and recharge from anywhere, send me an email, and/or book some time on my calendar!

Let's do this!