Emily Laughlin

Hi, I'm Emily and I help women find the courage to unashamedly enjoy pleasure, sexuality, and connection! You are not alone if you are feeling discouraged, unprepared, frustrated, and down-right tired of dissatisfaction in your sex life. This work is a love letter to my past self. The woman who was disconnected from her body. Had painful sex, avoided and disliked it all together. Felt insecure, self-conscious, and like there was no cure available to me. I wasn't free to enjoy pleasure and most definitely was not fulfilled and joyful in daily life. I am living proof that on the other side of the pain, there is so much joy, pleasure and ecstasy available to you!! And I am here to help guide you to it.

Combining my personal experience, a MA in Clinical Psychology, certification as a Clinicoach®, and years of one-on-one work with beloved women, I have tried and true methods guaranteed to help you find the courage to unlock your pleasure, restore your joy, and bring back ecstatic orgasms!

Check out my free guide on How to Up-Level Your Pleasure and Release Your Insecurities in the Bedroom. If you're ready to discover the life of joy and pleasure available to you, book a free discovery call with me!